January 04, 2018
To all our valued customers,
We of Black Arrow Express would like to express our sincerest apologies for all the inconvenience that has come your way due to delay of arrival of your parcel/s.
Let us assure you that we took all the necessary steps to ensure that we manage and deliver all parcels in time during the holiday surge where shipping volume spiked up to 300% in certain days. Also, due to other factors such as the weekdays off over the Holidays, offloads because of over bookings by the airlines, weather interruptions leading to flight cancellations with Davao and Cebu being the most affected which resulted to back logs, and the receiver availability during the Holidays – Our efficacy and service delivery commitment was heavily affected. Despite all this, we continue to pursue our services delivery commitment to all, regardless if affected by outside factors of delay or not.
Let this be our way of saying that we of Black Arrow Express is still being true to our commitment of delivering all parcels in time all the time. We are equipped with competitive and dedicated personnel, holiday season or not, and shall continue to do what is right by ensuring that you receive your packages right unto your hands and not just simply by your doorsteps.
Thank you for your continual business trust with us.
Black Arrow Express
To look for the official service announcement, you can log on to our official facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/blackarrowexpress/