February 01, 2016, (Manila, Philippines) AAI Group of Companies launches Black Arrow Express (AAI Logistics Cargo Express) to fulfill its corporate vision of being the #1 and Preferred Total Logistics Company.

After 35 years of service and quality excellence AAI group of companies now realizes its vision of moving anything between 500 grams to 500 tons of cargo. This fulfills the call of being a “Total Logistics Provider”. With the launching of Black Arrow Express (BAE), the group is venturing closer to the consumer by serving the express cargo needs of its current clients and beyond. The Board of Directors of AAI considers this a momentous step into a future that is currently being reconstructed by the strongest force in the Philippine economy: “The Filipino Consumer”. In recent decades the industry has seen the consumerization of logistics, being driven hard in recent years by the fast growing e­commerce sector. Online transactions over the past three years have grown in leaps and bounds from anywhere between 120% YOY to 420% in seasonal surges. Last November 2015, Lazada recorded a record­breaking sales of 120,000 transactions in a single day. Other players are expected to follow this trend. Business has grown into accepting the concept of “Omni­Channels” where consumers purchase their products through physical or virtual marketplaces. Brands are now rushing to increase their online presence to cash­in on this trend. The missing link between product and online consumers is now being bridged by door­to­door logistics. “Fulfillment” is the force behind AAI’s move to introduce Black Arrow Express. As one of the respected pioneers in Third Party Logistics, the group is leveraging their competence and capacities to serve this fast growing segment by offering integrated, technology­backed End-to-­End logistics solutions. Using its consolidated capacity, the AAI group through Black Arrow will be pushing their customers’ parcels nationwide. Black Arrow is offering the following services to their customers: IT System Integration, Express Door­to­door delivery, Warehousing and Distribution.

For more information you may contact Black Arrow at: sales@blackarrow.express