Manila Peninsula Hotel – Benitez Board Room, August 31, 2017 9:30 AM

AAI Worldwide Logistics and Black Arrow Express recently signed a sponsorship agreement with Sunrise Events Inc. The official Licensee of the Ironman Triathlon franchise in the Philippines. As the official sponsor, AAI Worldwide will also be providing logistics support to mount the upcoming Ironman series from 2018 to 2020. Black Arrow Express, who is the “last-mile” and consumer company of the AAI Group will be a Title Sponsor and will launch its own Black Arrow 5i50 triathlon series in the same years.

 The Ironman in the Philippines is the only other sanctioned Ironman event in the Southeast Asia region apart from Langkawi, Malaysia. The event is expected to bring in thousands of participants from all around the globe.

 Black Arrow President Allan Brizuela who himself is a 70.3 triathlon finisher will also be racing in the upcoming Full Ironman Event in June 3, 2018 in Subic Bay Philippines. Brizuela says that logistics shares the same spirit and values of the triathlon where commitment to move goods and services often go through various modes of transport over land, air and sea. The same commitment to finish to the “last-mile” is often the most grueling part of the race. Same goes for the Black Arrow who delivers to their customers’ doors by foot through rain and flood sometimes. “We are committed to finish strong Before Anyone Else”.

The AAI / Black Arrow 5i50 secretariat can be reached at