Black Arrow Express builds a positive and fun working environment through its #ThemedFridays. Employees from different departments; Customer Service, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Retail and Sales Department are excited to show what they’ve got during Fridays! The office sometimes transforms into a runway of sorts or a Halloween Ball depending on the occasion.
The idea is to give employees a short break from all the pressures and challenges through self actualization and expression. BAE encourages them to participate in self-directed weekly dress-up themes. This program allows them to create rapport amongst each other within an environment of healthy competition. This also shows their creativity and reveals their sense of individual style through self-expression.
BAE is committed to looking after the wellbeing and development of every employee by providing a harmonious office atmosphere. BAE’s #ThemedFridays creates an employee-oriented environment that allows them to express themselves in many ways. This employee engagement program was developed by MarCom Manager Ms. Kezia Lucas whose previous experience working in the call-center industry made her understand the pressures of work especially in Customer Service. Invoking “Fun at Work” is a simple way of engaging employees and de-stressing them. In turn, this positive  experience can be relayed into how they deal with customers. According to Gallup Research, “Only Engaged Employees can Engage Customers effectively”.
The #ThemedFridays started three weeks ago from now and everybody is still looking forward to what’s next every Friday!