Black Arrow Express, with a team of 5 people, launched their logistics services aimed to serve the digital economy back in February 2016. Black Arrow Express, also known as BAE, has grown exponentially from 300 transactions a day in 2016 to 50,000 transactions per day in 2018.


Black Arrow Express specializes in eCommerce Logistics and is capable of handling the whole spectrum of Logistics nationwide. It is a leading Filipino total logistics solutions provider, with a global network of airline and shipping line partners, international and domestic agents, and trucking and hauling service suppliers shipping anything between 500 grams to 500 tons or cargo.


A member of AAI Group, AAI carved a historical landmark as the first logistics company to attain the PQA’s “Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management”, the highest honor given by the Department of Trade and Industry. Furthermore, AAI holds the record of being the first 100% Filipino-owned freight forwarder to have been certified and recognized for quality service in International freight forwarding, customs brokerage and warehousing. AAI achieved the ISO 9002 Certificate in 1997 from Yarsely International Certification Services. On February 2009, the same certifying body upgraded AAI’s quality seal to ISO 9001:2008. AAI was certified to OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 on December 2010 and January 2011 respectively.